Stresa 1943. The armistice, signed by Marshal Badoglio, on 8 September, with the Allies, marks the beginning of the most difficult and controversial moment of the last century. The arrival, on the shores of Lake Maggiore, of the German armored division called “Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler” from the Russian front, with military, police and political tasks, threw the inhabitants of Stresa into panic.

Sixteen people of Jewish origin lose their lives, it is historically established as the first executed by German soldiers on Italian soil. Luca Gatti, Marshal of the Carabinieri, will have to engage in a tough battle against time. He will be forced to use all his investigative skills to try to save the people he cares about most. Will he be able to choose between Fascists and Partisans between “right” men and traitors who can he trust? Two only certainties will help him. Faith in God and love for Martha.