In these stories it is possible to embark on a journey that will lead to meet and get to know the four main characters of the story: the carabinieri marshal Luca Gatti, his girlfriend Marta, the orderly Stefano Airoldi and the old friend Don Piero the parish priest. It is also a journey that tells Stresa. A city of rare beauty where the protagonists live their adventures in the most difficult years of the twentieth century. From 1935, through the entire Second World War to the postwar period, here you can browse the images, colors and scents of the lake in which our friends are immersed. You may be surprised by discovering how much history, small or large, has passed through Stresa.

The “historical” context of the novels is strictly true. The episodes and the “historical” characters narrated are rigorously and completely true. Starting from Mussolini to Achille Starace, from Galeazzo Ciano to Dino Grandi, from Capitano Kuger to Alfredo Di Dio, from Cino Moscatelli to Edmondo Rossi, they are all, not only real, but present in Stresa or Ossola during the period in which carry out the events narrated.

The mysteries, the murders, the disappearances and the attacks, as well as the local characters, including the main ones, are instead all strictly the result of the author’s imagination. The plots of the adventures described arise precisely from the meeting of their little stories with the great history the one with a capital “S” of which, to quote Luca Gatti: «basically nobody gives a damn». Have a good journey into reality mixed with fantasy.