Alberto Salina

“I write about love and hate. Joy and sadness. Mistakes and justice. Respect and education. About ideas, dreams, friendship and thoughts. I write about everything that is part of the relationships between free people.
I write about fascists and partisans, about thieves and honest people, of poor devils and people so powerful that they have held the destiny of the world in their hands. About priests and communists. About murderers and men that gave their life to save the lives of others.
I have never written a story – at least not intentionally. I write about men and women that make choices that lead to history going in one direction instead of another. It is always the characters, quite freely, who decide where the story should go and not the other way around”.
“Man was created free. For his own good, God introduced ten simple rules and gave them to him. If man respects them, he has no need for anything else. There is no need for borders, no need for nations, no need for money or power, no need for arms or prisons, no need to buy or sell people.
If man does not respect all these things, he needs to create justifications, often called ideologies, due to which man loses his freedom”. After all, if you really think about it, that’s all history really is.

Alberto Salina lives in Ornavasso, in the province of Verbania, with his wife Laura and four children: Matteo, Andrea, Gabriele and Marta. With a degree in Geological Sciences, he works in the raw mineral manufacturing industry.

His love for Lake Maggiore, where he was born and raised, his interest in history and his passion for writing led him to write his first book, which was published:

In 2013: The Musketeers of the Duce.
In 2014 he published: Adelaide.
In 2015 he published: L.SS Adolf Hitler.
In 2016 he published: The Partisan Mondo .
In 2017 he published: The Genova .
In 2019 he published: Jesus Baby.

Six episodes of the same story.